To-Done System (public)

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Additional tweaks

Some suggestions for how you can get even more value from the To-Done system.
A few of these tweaks require you to upgrade to the Coda pro plan for access to more features
Some tweaks require editing views and sections to add functionality.
Remember, whatever helps you get work done is acceptable. There is no wrong answer
Upgrade to Coda pro plan for more monthly credits and to enable disabled rules.
1. Allow for more than 1000 tasks
2. Enable automation rule to automatically move incomplete tasks to the horizon list at the end of the day
3. Enable automation rule to automatically add a processing ritual meeting to your calendar if one is not scheduled
Add count of tasks to each section in the horizon list
Add a mood and task journaling component to your processing ritual and Coda doc so you can track your intentions for the day and how well you're doing in meeting those intentions.
Add a button to schedule time on a Google calendar when you will do each task
Disable adding or editing any additional tasks after 'Start task' button has been clicked on a task in the todo list until it's been completed. This helps enforce focusing on only one task at a time
Add new chart visualizing 'completed work tasks' when compared with 'completed personal tasks'
Share your To-Done system publicly to encourage accountability
Sort the tasks on today's todo list by importance and urgency so you prioritize doing the most important tasks first and working your way down

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