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Introduction- About the Live Drafting Course

Thank you for showing interest in the “Live Drafting Course” on Contract Drafting.
Yes, this course is FREE to enrol.
You may enrol for this course. But, you will need strong will power, discipline and interest to complete it.
Most of you may loose interest in the Course after some time, as it is difficult for some of us to keep up with the pace of course. Some of concepts may be hard to understand, or you may not have enough time on some days to attend the course.
But, if you really wish to benefit from this course, you must motivate yourself everyday to complete the assignments, participate in the discussions, and ask meaningful questions. If you cannot do this, my suggestion invest your time in some other meaningful work that is a priority for you.
It may not be necessary to attend all sessions/classes, but if you do it will help you. So, YOU decide and act.

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