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Live Contract Drafting Course

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Course Content

You will be surprised to know that there is no syllabus for this course. Not because, I could not create one, but because, a syllabus for this course is meaningless. So, what am I going to teach you? Or, what is that you will learn. So, here is an outline.

I will teach you following:

How to analyse complex problems, and simplify for yourself?
How, What, Why and When to think?
How to become creative?
How to become smart in your writing?
How to convince yourself and others about what you want?
How to become a contract drafter?
How to become a meaningful and effective contract drafter?
How to become what you do not know that you can become?

How I am going to do all the above?

By being you, a student. By learning with and from you. By becoming a fool and an ignorant person once again.
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