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How to read?

How to read?

Content: What you are reading?
Depending on what you are reading, you can decide various aspects of reading.
For example, if you are reading an article published on web, you may want to consider the content with a pinch of salt, review the authenticity of the content, compare similar content for quality of content.
But, if you are reading a blog article published by a reputed law firm, you will presume that the content is authentic and of good quality.
Purpose: Why you are reading?
Before you decide on what you want to read, decide why you want to read.
Are you doing a research to prepare a legal opinion or to answer a client’s query?
You may want to choose the reading material from selected sources, as you may have very limited reading time because of a deadline. You may want to select relevant judgements of Supreme Court or High Courts, research papers published by lawyer/ law schools, articles published on a law firm’s website, etc.
Are you reading for pleasure?
But, if you are reading for your own pleasure or personal consumption, you may be liberal in choosing the source of reading material. You may do a Google search, visit social media platforms, or read a book that you are interested in. You may feel relaxed and spend more time in such reading.
Be careful. How you plan your personal reading time is your choice. But do not let this affect any professional reading time that you need to prioritise.
Are you reading for an exam?
You know the answer.
Audience: For whose benefit you are reading?

Method: How you are reading?

Reading Example

Class Work
Read a blog post.

Read an article.

Read a contract.

Home Work
Read a book
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