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Live Contract Drafting Course

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Course Duraton

What is the duration of this Course?

I have planned the course in Two Stages, and the duration of course depends on you.

Stage 1

I will teach you live drafting every Sunday for 1.5 Hours for 12 Weeks (i.e., equal to 18 Hours). You will invest 1 hour every day on five assignments every week. So, you will have to invest at least 60 Hours on assignments. Then if you interested to learn more, we will move to Stage 2.

Stage 2

There will be no assignment. We will have an open discussion on a pre-agreed contract clause every Sunday (13th week onwards) until we run out of clauses to discuss or you are bored from the course, whichever is earlier. This is my belief that we will invest at least 30 minutes to 1 hour on our weekly discussions.

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