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Telegram Price Bot

Brian, the CoinBrain Price Bot, is ready to work in your service!

How to set up?

It’s simple and fast. You can literally make it in 1 minute:
Simply add to your Telegram group
Set your coin by writing /setcoin <chain> <address>
e.g.: /setcoin BNB 0x0E09FaBB73Bd3Ade0a17ECC321fD13a19e81cE82
You’re all set! ✅

Supported chains

Ethereum (<chain>=eth)
BNB Chain (<chain>=bnb)
Polygon (<chain>=poly)
Optimism (<chain>=opti)
Avalanche (<chain>=aval)
Arbitrum (<chain>=arbi)
Fantom (<chain>=fant)
Aurora (<chain>=auro)
Celo (<chain>=celo)

What can I ask?

You can ask the questions by sending these commands:
/price - Returns your coin’s price info
/coininfo - Returns all available info about your coin
/chart - Displays your coin's price history chart
/contract - Returns your coin's contract address


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