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Community Analysis

For any project, a strong and engaged community is half of the success. It leads to improved products, learning and innovation, as well as company growth. Most importantly, it is reflected in the price of the asset.
On each coin’s profile page, we strive to provide our users with so important information about social media, their growth and website users.

Social Media Overview

Right on the top of each coin’s profile, you’ll find a section with verified links to a given project. We’re collecting mainly information about Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord and the project’s website. But you can also find links to Medium blog, Github, Wikipedia, and other platforms.
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Growth Analysis

In this section, you can find historical information about the number of Twitter followers, and Telegram/Reddit/Discord members. We’re updating all numbers on daily basis (except. Reddit which is updated every other day).
You should be mainly focusing on the pace of growth and suspicious spikes up or down. They’re often caused by fraudulent practices (such as buying fake followers on Twitter).
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Website Users

This chart displays an estimate of monthly active users of the given project. The estimate is calculated by connecting signals and data from various touchpoints around the internet. It’s updated once a month around the 15th.
Long term success of most of the coins is depending on the usage of their products (which are generating the revenue for staking rewards, etc.). Stagnating or dropping the user base might signalise a potential future drop of the underlying token price. However, overall industry trends and current market sentiment must be considered as well.
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