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Price Chart & Trade History

CoinBrain’s Trading History and Price Chart Widget allow anybody to easily embed our most used features to their website.
Our widgets offers unprecedented customisation options so you can adjust it exactly to your brand style and needs!
How does it work?
Go to
Customize your widget colours, size and chart style
Copy & paste the embed code to your website
Example embed link
<iframe width="100%" height="800" allowFullScreen frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>
Supported chains
Ethereum (<chain>=eth)
BNB Chain (<chain>=bnb)
Polygon (<chain>=poly)
Optimism (<chain>=opti)
Avalanche (<chain>=aval)
Arbitrum (<chain>=arbi)
Fantom (<chain>=fant)
Aurora (<chain>=auro)
Embed preview
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