3 pitch deck
Demo Day Deck
3 min or less
what are the most important things for the other to remembers
what are the most important aspects to remember
Running a great fundraise
know your story: prepare to tell a good story
demoday: lead generation
stonks demo day reference
investor reveal d
502b/ 502c: regulation: not allowed to publicly solicitate investment
The Process:
Week 6: Pitch basics/ Scripts Draft
Week &: Build your script
Week 8: Start draft slides
Week 9: Model slide dev
Week 10: Finalize slides
Week 11: Produce video
Week 12: Complete
Brain Harpoon: 20 sec
max stick factor / get them interested: laugh, pain, :
ex: driving through a road of fires alone, floods, natural disasters,
housing economics and lifestyle is not adequately working
My name is . I live in Mill Valley, CA. And Antigua, Guatemala. And a ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. And Ecuador, Bali, Indonesia. And along a river in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
I’m an architect and an artist and an environmentalist and an activist and a writer and a founder.
Just like over 11 million other people like me. I’m a digital nomad. I live and work everywhere and nowhere all at once.
And I’m here to introduce you to Cohere. A sustainable coworking/coliving community purpose built to address the needs of digital nomads the world over who are building lifestyles focused on mobility, freedom, access, and sustainability.
Problem / Scale: 30 sec
How big the problem is
how painful is this problem
How willing to pay money for it
measure the pain in dollars
ex: comp to a known market
The Demo: 1 min
See how the product works: see the flower
show how the problem gets solved: videos, screenshots, this is what happens and this is how my problem gets solved
what are our components: meet other members, collaborate, find location to plug into
describe the super fire mario
The Money: 30 sec
How much people pay
people will make money with this business
what is the right unit economic
traction : feel the momentum
marketplace: we connect people with locations: existing and up and coming
onboarding network of people: providing global passport
value of a platform: we believe consumers will continue to want access to a new lifestyle
direct to consumer for locations
The Team: 20 sec
Why we can uniquely do this / engender trust: money into more money
How are we best suited for the job
Reason for investors to trust us
economics, development, ux design
The Wrap: 15 sec
Reinforce main ideas to remember
Be unambiguous with what we want people to walk away with
unbelievable important
something they remember
Changing lives:

Cohere is a crowdsourced marketplace for community development.

BE INTERESTING: overcome the inertia, investable,
What are the key metrics to share?
What are the key 3 things to remember? ex: economics, customer type, traction,
What is the great story to tell?

450 word target:

Create a space for community:
solve into the empty room party
engaging focus of the conversation
dont moderate the room and letting people have the convo
the community takes on a life of its own
Build tutorials on the platform
Threaded platform to show the problem solving live
Making our customers our team: presales, support
Love the problem not the product
Do the one thing ruthlessly

Don’t solve problems you don’t have yet
Cancer, fire, knife attack

Observing the customer vs asking them what they would do?
Ex. who is willing to prepare to jump line. Use future pay to finance

8 page deck:
get the meeting pitch
cohere: what is
timing (pandemic slide)
structure internal

summarize good info

Brain Harpoon: 20 sec
max stick factor / get them interested: laugh, pain, :
ex: driving through a road of fires alone, floods, natural disasters,
housing economics and lifestyle is not adequately working

From a lack of insurance due to extreme weather, perpetual rent hikes, raising interest rates, leaving more people disallisioned, but challanges is opportuniy. 3.5 billion,

Unexpected floods, wildfires in November, yet again the biggest hurricane, rent hikes, variable mortgage rates, contagious pandemics, rumors of civil war, whats next.
need a new way of living : a new way to thrive in a time of change.
Challanges bring us together, building solutions on a local level, access to participate in the solution.
one number on housing, people movement,
the depot to find the community
acceloratye the

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