Pitch Script

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We’ve conducted X surveys/interviews to get a deeper understanding of our customers
We’re obsessed with...
Use passion/engagement as a quantifier vs overall growth
Reference similar biz models to contextualize

30 second statement

We are a community-led marketplace designing the best ways to experience and develop co-living communities through experimentation and iteration. Pressure of our modern times and the constantly shifting new normal necessitate the co-creation for new ways of living that account for the wellness of the individual, the community as a whole, and the land we all share and steward. Cohere is building a global network of co-living hubs to connect changemakers seeking to innovate on how we live, work, and thrive. We connect community builders and inspired members with all the resources they need to co-create their ideal new normal.

Super Fire Mario Version

For [Segment]
who [have some problem] we [make some product]
so they can [do rad stuff]
Super Fire Mario
For digital nomads
who care about the planet and need better accommodations for their lifestyle
we are building a marketplace to connect community builders with international travelers
so they can choose from a growing network of co-living experiences
Stick the Landing
Over the past 6 months we have organically grown our initial community to over 500 people and hosted our first month-long co-living experience this May in Antigua, Guatemala generating ~$20k in revenue. We have a team of experienced architects and designers that are currently in the design process for our first built location on the coast of Guatemala, which is expected to open late next year.
What’s Next
I would love to share with you how we are changing the Future of Work by enhancing the way we live, co-create and thrive together

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