Pitch Script

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The Team

As Cohere members ourselves, we’ve been living this lifestyle for years and have a deep understanding of the needs of the digital nomad and how to leverage our decades of combined experience to disrupt the travel industry.
As a Frank Lloyd Wright trained architect, I intrinsically understand how to use the built environment to restore the health of ecosystems and communities and align incentives toward regeneration.
As a serial entrepreneur and creative director, Devin, our CXO, brings over two decades of strategic, operational and creative experience, specializing in UX design and brand strategy.
As a systems engineer with vast experience in the aerospace industry, hospitality, construction, broadcast media, and finance, our CSO, Josh, is focused on developing abundance through sustainable, balanced and highly scalable solutions.
er focused on the customer’s journey and the nurturing environment required to create trust and loyalty with our members.
As a generalist specialist, Josh fills the gaps on the team with his system design and strategic thinking, focusing on the long term journey and how we go from 0 to 1.
The Team: 20 sec - 33 words
Why we can uniquely do this / engender trust: money into more money
How are we best suited for the job
Reason for investors to trust us
economics, development, ux design
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