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Glossary of Terms

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Members of Cohere gain equity through the $COHERE token, which is backed by the assets and company valuation.


Multiple people working in a shared physical space, either on individual projects or collaborative. Co-working is a term used for digital work.


The voluntary use of a residential structure that accommodates three or more biologically unrelated people who share major resources.
Multiple individuals, often not related, living together in a shared physical environment.


The synergy of multiple people working to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Impact Innovations

A business, project, invention or initiative that creates lasting and meaningful change in the world, on either a local or systemic level.


A broad spectrum of perspective, wisdom, culture and life experience that can be utilized to better inform collective sensemaking and problem solving.


Creating the optimal conditions for life to regrow or be renewed and restored, especially after being damaged, degraded or lost.
The output exceeds the input.

Regen Ag

Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems.



Regen Best Practices

Collectively defined working processes that support the evolving definition of regenerative

Disaster Relief Corps

A mobile system of people, technology and logistics that can move into an area recently affected by natural disasters to train, support, and the local community members to rebuild their homes collectively.


Equitable Economic Model

An innovative economic model developed by Bright Bridge that leverages an SEC-compliant security token along with an LCA-registered Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that provides a means to equitably distribute ownership shares of a corporation regardless of accreditation status.

Accredited Investor

A U.S. citizen with gross income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse or partner exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year; or a person whose individual net worth, or joint net worth with that person's spouse or partner, exceeds $1,000,000, excluding the person's primary residence.

Security Token

A security token is a cryptographic representation of rights of ownership, transfer of value, or promise of returns that are tokenized on a blockchain. It is intended to be treated as an investment instrument.


Regulatory-compliant securities tokens that serve as a cryptographic representation of future shares of Cohere Network Ltd.


Within the context of Cohere, the term NFT refers to a programmable utility token that provides a digital signature on the Ethereum blockchain which tracks and visually represents a member’s status within the system.

Rolling SAFE

A rolling agreement for future equity — an upgrade on the classic SAFE — the Rolling SAFE allows investors to invest in Cohere at any time, with an implied valuation that grows automatically as more funds are raised.

Dynamic Equity

Equity that isn’t bound to time or place.

Member-Directed Fund (MDF)

See “Torus” below.


A community of changemakers collaborating to build the systems and structures for regenerative living.

Bioregional DAO

A DAO that governs the watershed of a region.

Global DAO

A DAO that governs all activities of the Ilian ecosystem.


Cohere Network Ltd.

Delaware C-Corp owned by Bright Bridge Network, LLC

Limited Cooperative Association (LCA)

The is a relatively new entity type, adopted in Colorado in 2010, which will (likely) be used as a layer of our legal stack to leverage an exemption in SEC regulations that allows Cohere Network Ltd. to distribute ownership equitably between investor classes. LCA’s, like traditional cooperative corporations, are for-profit member-owned business structures that also subscribe and adhere to the seven widely recognized .



Cohere is a member-owned network of coliving communities designed to foster co-creation of impact innovations.
Cohere provides spaces that empower innovators to create regenerative solutions that enable a new way of living. If people do not have a means to offer their genius towards a unified vision, they will lose faith in themselves, the world, and the possibility of fulfilling their purpose. By providing access to abundant resources, supportive community and a collaborative environment, we empower innovators to birth a new collective reality.

Immersive Impact Incubators (I3s)

See “co:lab” below.


Co:labs are monthlong immersive impact incubators that are designed to assemble a group of highly-curated thought leaders with the intention of solving a predefined problem with actionable solutions.
We created co:labs to curate the changemakers and rebels who are committed to shaping the future. Unless humanity unites towards a collective vision, our planet will no longer support thriving life. By providing incubation spaces for audacious innovations to be birthed, we create the conditions to reimagine and rebuild the way we live, work and thrive together.

Member Portal

In its current iteration, the member portal refers to our white-labeled Circle platform that serves as the virtual meeting place for Cohere members. The functions of this platform include: social feeds, direct messaging, group chat, events, knowledgebase, resources, media, affiliate marketplace (non-native), and paywalling. Over time, this portal will integrate proposals, voting, treasury, etc., centralizing the functionality of the DAO into a unified platform.


An opensource framework, similar to Creative Commons, that allows intellectual property to be licensed in whole or part, as specified by the IP holder, who could elect to receive tokenized compensation.

Media Hub

Hank and bRoBoT (don’t) save the world!

Resource Library

A database and composite of all the information and innovation created within the ecosystem. All bioregional DAOs and their physical counter-parts develop methods and best practices that are uploaded to the resource library and can be used by any member at any time for educational, research, or training material.

Tech Hub

The physical representation will be a full service maker space paired with experts in various fields to innovate on revolutionary new technologies. These innovations can be immediately implemented in the decentralized network for prototyping and localized testing. Feedback and iterations can be directed through the OpenIP and Resource Library to further enhance the new technology or adjust it for specific conditions.

Apprenticeship Program

This is a decentralized training program tied to ‘Gaia Game’ and allows people to get real world experience in various skills. The training completed in the apprenticeship program will be recorded on the blockchain through the member’s unique NFT and will represent the specific, qualified skills the member has developed in the system.



The multi-cultural, borderless nation-state of which we are all global citizens.

Bright Bridge Network (BBN)

Bright Bridge is a research and development company focused on systemic solutions that transition humanity from individual ownership to collective stewardship. If people continue to compete for finite resources, our planet will no longer support thriving life. By providing the economic incentive to live in right relations with the earth, we create a more equitable world that is in service to all life, while leaving a legacy that ripples across generations to come.


Member-owned homeshare service that aggregates listings from VRBO, Bungalow, etc. — as well as native listings — onto a central platform, providing renters and hosts dynamic equity through a $SHARE token.


In partnership with Cohere, Cubii provides a global network of storage units designed for the nomadic lifestyle.


Crowdsourced innovation platform that incentivizes collaboration on impact solutions by equitably distributing ownership of any business, project or invention based on each individual’s contribution.
for impact innovations.


An early-stage accelerator and fund for impact innovations.


An equity-based crowdfunding platform that leverages the equitable economic model developed by BBN to provide investors of all socioeconomic status a means to support projects and organizations that are aligned with their values and objectives. This would serve as a community fundraising vehicle for Doable projects.


Similar to a DAF, Torus is a Member-Directed Fund that creates a toroidal flow of resources through the use of the Rolling SAFE, security tokens, collective ownership and integrated revenue streams. Investment enters the Torus in exchange for security tokens from the specific organization using the torus. Invested capital goes towards producing revenue streams of which some profits are directed back into the Torus. Security token holders can exchange their security tokens based on the current market value for the liquidity held by Torus from the profits generated. The Torus can sell more security tokens for additional investment or use the profits to buy already existing security tokens in the marketplace. The sale of the security tokens leads to a further increase in capital allowing for continuous development of revenue streams and repeating the cycle of exchange over again.

Legacy Forest

With a commitment to the reclamation and remediation of degraded lands, provides a regenerative solution to the ecological impact of our current burial practices. Our regenerative burial model honors the cycle of life by uniting our remains with the earth and planting a tree as a memorial, leaving a legacy to benefit many generations to come.


Keepsake, a compliment to Legacy Forest, leaves a living imprint after our passing. Utilizing the latest in augmented reality, voice mimicry and holographic technology, our likeness can live on in perpetuity and tell our story long after we’re gone. It also serves as a digital repository that becomes accessible using a shared key and confirmation of death records for next of kin to access digital records and sensitive information.

Kindred (FKA “Flame”)

A conscious connection app with an emphasis on finding our soul tribe through deepening our understanding of our ancestral, astrological and psychological makeup.


Regenerative Community Land Trust (RCLT) that utilizes the Bright Bridge model to tokenize real estate assets.

Adventure Forth

Equal parts adventure and altruism, Adventure Forth is an experiential tourism company that provides immersive experiences doing inspired work in beautiful locations.


Waypoint, LLC is a development company owned by BBN that specializes in affordable and resilient housing solutions.

Studio Protos

Architecture firm owned and operated by Dakotah, focused on designing resilient, regenerative and affordable housing solutions.

Gaia Game

A multi-dimensional immersive experience that trains members in skills supportive for a new way of living. Communities will need everything from builders and architects, to first-aid care and wellness practitioners, to welders and permaculturalists. Many of these skills are not commonplace amongst people that desire to live in a Game B system. In order to source the necessary skillsets, talents and mastery we can offer training to members through a variety of skill trees. Each tree is developed and managed by resident experts and masters of that field. An hybrid online/irl educational platform will host all the available skills and educational material to support it. The Gaia Game will pair with the apprenticeship program to give trainees real world, hands-on experience developing that skill. This platform will be paired with VR/AR and Multiplayer engine so people can interact with other players virtually. The VR/AR will be in real time expression of the physical locations contained by the decentralized global network.

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Cohere LTD

See “Cohere Network Ltd.” above

Cohere Ecosystem

See “Bright Bridge Network” above


See “Cohere” above



Own that we’re blurring the lines to the point of them being unrecognizable
Work / Life
Web3 / Web0
Game A / Game B
Countries / States
Us / Them

Own that we’re in an integration period based on the learnings from the lab
We need better facilitation for DAO calls

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