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Project Briefs Roll-Up

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Project Briefs Roll-Up

We talk about templates a lot here at Coda. There is power in for your company to use so that folks don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time they want to do a common task. Templates also provide for a level of consistency. For example, if you need certain information included in every Project Brief, you can create a template that encourages the team to fill in that information.
One challenge that many of my customers run into when using custom templates for project briefs is that each time a template is used, it create’s its own, unconnected doc or page. There is no mechanism in place to roll up all briefs into a single overview.
This doc will walk you how to create a central table for all of your project briefs, and how to have information from your briefs roll up to the table.

What’s included in this doc:

The page provides a live example of where you can click a button to create a new brief, and have the information from those briefs roll back to the main table.
section houses the , as well as any additional tables needed.
The section will walk you step by step through:

Have information you want pre-populated on the tables in your template? Make sure to check out the bonus pages:

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