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House Paaths


An alternative to the standard Sukhmani Sahib House Paath Services conducted for Sangat — currently provided primarily by Gurudwarai.
For the primary purpose of raising revenue to pay for projects and research conducted by members of Bunga Azaadi, so they can be rewarded for their time and effort, and incentivised to take on new projects too.
As a byproduct of this, there are many other benefits that can arise from this as well, which will be revealed throughout this document (and subpages).


Primarily homes of Sangat


Before the printing press, the availability of a Sargun Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib was far rarer and harder to access.
With the advent of such a technology, it came with its pros and cons. Whilst, availability may seem like a positive impact initially, I think it is also the reason for why the Guru is taken for granted so much these days.
So what would a celebratory Paath look like without using Sargun Saroops? (We don’t really use them now either and opt for Pothi Sahibs or Gutkai anyway).
What if we use something else? — Before the printing press, Shaheed Asthaans would do Shastar Prakash on Palkis instead, and this would act as the point of veneration for Sangat.
In a similar vein, why not do the same? The Khalsa is also the Guru, so the presence of Singhs/Kaurs can substitute a Sargun Saroop of Shabad Guru as well.
Once the recitations begin, then Shabad Guru will be present in a non-physical form also.
There are many sheep just going through the motions blindly with modern Paath culture.
But the reality is that there is also an economy around it that we aren’t tapping into, but Gurudwara committees are.
We can either boycott this “industry”, disengage and let the cycle continue unhindered, or we can compete.
Let’s offer some better alternatives and gain a “market share” in this microeconomy to finance our own projects for the Chardi Kala of Panth and progression towards Khalsa Raaj.
By coming in as conscious agents, we can do things right and redirect this clearly broken modern Paath culture (post coming soon) to a genuinely impactful service that supports those skilled in Raag, Santhiya and those who have taken Khande Di Pahaul, as well as promote a conscious option for Sangat.

The advantage of doing it as a Bunga is that we don’t have large ongoing costs associated with operating something like a Gurudwara (physical building). We have no ongoing bills to worry about, no mortgage, or everyday Langar that has to be financed etc. So funds raised can be used flexibly to fund Bunga projects and reward Vicharaks for their efforts, unlike a Gurudwara that has a lot more to account for.
This way instead of just asking for Dasvandh (which you can donate also), we can also trade with Sangat by offering a service people are willing to pay for.


The general overview of how a Paath of this sort may play out may be something like the following:

Arrival of 5 Khalsai
Set up of the Shastar Prakash and Golak
Choose service(s) — done in advance by “client”
(e.g. if Sangat wish to feed Langar to 5 Singhs/Kaurs)
Ardaas and home time.

On the Azadism website, there will be a page set up for “Services”, of which this whole “House Paath” aspect can be accessed through with “minimum starting prices” and options Sangat can choose from.

Want to get involved?

We are now in the process of looking for Raagis, Paathis (anyone who has done Santhiya) and members of the Guru Khalsa who are willing to take time out on weekends to fulfill these requests we will get. You will be paid as a portion of the earnings per Paath in line with our .

If you are interested and have some skills and time you are willing to offer, then please sign up to our database of contacts we are building for various regions in the UK. When a new “order” or Hukam comes in from members of the Sangat requesting our services, we can then alert our contacts to see who is available.

You will likely be invited to a introductory call, just to go over details and to check if you are legit.

Choose a Seva: (You can sign up for more than one)
Raagi | | |
Paathi | | |
Vicharak | | |
Khalsai | | |

Other & Partnership Opportunities: (Please view More Details for how this works)
Langar | | |
Shastar Lending | | |


View our FAQ for responses to potential questions:

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