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This Week's Quote of the Day
Deciding to automate anything should itself be an automated process.
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Every step in an automation process fashioned after a manual process may be dumb.
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Any society that gets good at hammock-making has set their priorities well.
They know how to chill. The rest of the world probably needs to get on board with not doing anything for a few conscious hours a day.
React has excelled as a javascript framework for absolutely no other reason that being popular.
And yet, you’re reading this on a website that leans on a few React components.
“Requirements” is a fancy word that helps developers avoid mind-reading.

Before I die I hope to live in a world without folders.
You got this
Antisocial media devours all seriousness for really intellectual things.
I got nothing.
Working in tech with tech is not about identifying which tools are crappy; rather - it’s a battle that rages on 24/7 to be competitive, to learn how to overcome weaknesses and coerce these crappy tools to do our bidding better than any other competitor is able to do so.
Oddly, my 38th wedding anniversary.
Email is Where Knowledge Goes to Die
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