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GTC (Global Technologies Corporation) has been around since the early 1980s. We've been providing assistance to companies and individuals who are trying to do difficult things with software and occasionally hardware. We're a behind-the-scenes company. We don't like to be in the spotlight, but we do like to help people get things done; maybe change some lives.
You might remember . We co-developed that with Mark Robbins in the early 80's. At its apex, LapLink was satisfying the needs of millions of consumers who needed a simple job done - move files between desktops and laptops. The origin of LapLink was founded by us on a NASA project to help them move data between their systems (on the Space Shuttle) and or IBM PCs.

You may have also heard of or used QuickSite, the first business-ready website publishing tool. It was an outgrowth of some work we did for Ashton-Tate with dBASE III Plus and which represented a data-driven web site generator which was advanced thinking at the time. QuickSite was originally published by DeltaPoint (Monterey, CA) and then eventually acquired by Site Technologies (Scotts Valley, CA) and ultimately StarBase (Santa Ana, CA) in 1998. Oddly, some of the original QuickSite code found its way into a few of the projects in the late 90's.
We've been involved in a number of other projects over the years, but this is what's keeping us awake right now.
(an R&D project for stale notes)
Hyper-productivity with
(an R&D project for a headless CMS)
You'll find some insights and hints about our ongoing work in our

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