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To Automate or Not: That is the Question

Tracking the Break-point for Automation ROI should be an Automation Itself

If there’s one thing I love about
, it makes me look good. And if you think I’m irrationally blinded by Coda’s strong app-making abilities, know that I tried to build this app in Google Spaces, Notion, Airtable, and Astro - all had marginal automation outcomes.
As it typically happens, on a random Friday I discovered an urgent need to assess a proposed automation processes for a friend - automate or continue to perform manual steps?
Is it possible to build an app in Coda that tells us if it’s wise to automate a process?
So I did what any Coda Maker would do - I built the app in about 4 hours using the new Pack Studio and a few simple formulas to make the results pretty.
I was most concerned about tracking the break-even point and needed a dynamic chart showing relative outcomes over the estimated life of proposed automation.
The next chart shows a case where there are significant development investments (which dives deeper into the orange early in the lifespan), the likes of which this firm will often encounter with this tool.
There’s nothing ground-breaking about this app; anyone with a spreadsheet can do this, but I wanted a solution that could be embedded in a proposal and integrated as part of a document process.
I also wanted mobile agility, the need to create a polished proposal while sitting in an airline seat. Yet again, Coda nails the landing.
The spreadsheet app that this approach displaces is fraught with issues, difficult to run without a laptop, and prone to mistakes along with copy/paste, etc. It’s a huge time-saver and best of all, it can compute the predicted saved time.
I would love to move this into the
marketplace, but I have no time to focus; happy to entertain a partnership if there’s a developer who can run with this idea. I have lots of automation guidelines, good Pack code, and en entire manuscript draft on the topic which was partially. This doc could be very valuable to a lot of people.

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