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Tech Troubleshooting

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In order to win, we're going to need to contact a record number of voters. Every day we're going to put more and more stress on our tools and they will break. That's how we'll know we're on the right track. The purpose of this guide is to provide our team with guidance to troubleshoot the technical issues we run into and know when to escalate.

As you’re navigating this base, think of your requests as either Urgent or Non-Urgent. In order to differentiate, please keep in mind this section of our How We Want to Be doc.
We will choose speed over perfection - A campaign happens on an accelerated time frame. There is a deadline, and we don’t have the luxury of all the time we need to get things right. Many campaigns cannot tolerate imperfection, so they make their organizing programs so small and tightly controlled that they can’t make a difference in the ultimate outcome of the election. This won’t be us. We will be more successful in exceeding our goals if we prioritize the fastest solution that is good enough over the perfect solution. Our standard is to build a program that works pretty well for most people most of the time. That said, errors that can cause serious or lasting harm to Beto or the campaign should never be tolerated.

Urgent requests are for issues that are keeping you or your volunteers from doing voter contact work. Examples include -
The dialer being down or showing that a campaign is complete
MiniVAN not working at your block walk event (assigned list numbers and/or the distributed list)
Spoke is down and you are unable to start texting campaigns
For requests that are less urgent, you should first use this wiki to find our recommended troubleshooting steps. You can find the resources by either using the dropdown at the top of this page or clicking the links below!

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