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Documentation: Replicated Vaulting and Mantling

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Replicated Vaulting and Mantling

This project allows you to easily and quickly add fully replicated and animated toggle-able Vaulting, Mantling and Sliding abilities through Blueprint Actor Components.


Customize it, Make it yours - Allows you to customize the system even in real-time.
Plug & Play - Simple Actor Components to be initialized and the rest is history.
Simple Blueprints - The entire system is in blueprints, coded with optimized industry standards. It is also compatible with C++.
Fully Replicated - The entire system is replicated over the network and can be played in multiplayer.
Optimized Interpolation System - An optimized interpolation system which avoids the overhead of timelines and manager components
Procedural System - You can use any obstacle size! The system will automatically detect dimensions and warp the character location
Vaulting and Mantling - Vault and mantle over any obstacle of any dimensions!
Sliding with Root-motion - Slide with root-motion animations. You can also tune the rotation rate to be able to turn during the slide!
Sliding with Interpolation - Don’t want to use root-motion? No big deal. Use our optimized custom-made interpolation system and avoid all the overhead of Timelines and Component managers! You can also tune the rotation rate to be able to turn during the slide!
Foot IK System - A simple Foot IK Component that is easily removable. Adjusts feet locations and rotations to slopes.

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