Some Final Words from the Author

The idea for this project emerged in mid-2020, when many food businesses - especially smaller, independent enterprises - were struggling amidst a global pandemic. For food businesses, the fact that their number one way of adding value became temporarily unfeasible was a call to re-examine their positioning, values, and unique competitive advantage - sometimes their entire brand. Some businesses wanted to take this time to make changes, to be in a stronger position post-pandemic.
I imagine this is hard to do if you don't have the resources to hire external branding experts and are unsure of what branding as a concept entails. This guidebook is the beginning of my solution. I know that the field of branding itself is evolving, along with the way people consume information and engage with companies. It's possible that I've missed some valuable insights. Maybe you want more elaboration on a topic, or have a question that remains unanswered. Feel free to send comments and questions here and I will do my best to reply.
👀 If you made it this far, thank you. I hope this introduction to branding for food businesses was helpful to you.

🚀 Best of luck in your branding endeavors!

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