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Branding for Food Businesses: A Practical Guide


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The purpose of this guidebook is to help you–a food business owner–go through the branding process for your business. If you picked up this book, you’re likely interested in how to make your brand memorable, appealing, and stand out to your audience. Perhaps you want help crafting, clarifying, or evaluating your brand with minimal external support. This book aims to introduce you to branding and the unique brand considerations for food businesses, as well as equip you with simple tools to design your brand identity.
The guidebook asks the big questions: the whats and the whys. It provides a clear explanation of why branding is important; what makes brands appealing; and how to create a compelling, consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. You can see the full list of chapters in the .
While its concepts are rooted in empirical evidence, the task of sifting through academic and practical research on branding and its application in the food service industry has been done by the author. Critical concepts have been selected, reframed, integrated, and developed to make it less intimidating for you, the reader, to craft a strong brand. The frameworks and exercises are designed to be easy to understand and apply.
Lastly, this book is free from jargon, unnecessary buzzwords, inapplicable theories, and indecipherable charts or diagrams. The author hopes that defining your brand and communicating that brand to your consumers - the people who should resonate with your vision the most - will be an enjoyable process.
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