Chapter 4- Brand Expression

4.1 A Quick Note on Touchpoints

“You should stand for one idea, but you can and must express that idea in many different ways. With all the places a brand needs to appear today, you have to bend and flex to keep things interesting.”- Red Antler cofounder Emily Heyward in her book Obsessed
A touchpoint is a point of interaction between a brand and a consumer. In today's “experience economy”, it's no longer enough to just provide a good product. People can form associations and perceptions during a sensory experience that may eclipse the memory of the product itself. Nor does a brand experience end with service; there are many more influential points of interaction beyond a food item itself or the process of receiving and eating food. Each touchpoint affects how they see the brand.
Remember the Brand = Identity + Experience concept in Chapter One? Every interaction a customer has with your business is an opportunity to express your brand and influence their perception. All touchpoints can be designed to promote positive brand associations.
While most sharing nowadays happens online, physical touchpoints are also an opportunity for you to increase your brand influence and propagate your brand. Take coffee cups or takeout bags as an example; simply stamping your business name and logo onto the portable item allows you to reach all the people a customer interacts with while holding the item.
📌 Example: Pearl & Groove | This bakery stamps colored cups with their wordmark. This action, aligned with their vibrant and bold brand image, is an easy way of brand propagation at a lower cost compared to custom-printed cups. Businesses going for a discerning or refined brand image might, however, want to invest in customized cups.
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