Organizational Renewal

Statement of Need: After meeting with each person on the SC individually, there is a ubiquitous recognition that our current organizational structure has been unsuccessful at achieving its stated goals. Additionally, the SC relational experience expresses an overarching sense of conflict and lacks a sense of ease.
Purpose: To build a cohesive and regenerative organizational system grounded in trust, integrity and connection.
Renewal Focus: Atlan is a fertile ground ready for tending and growth. This process asks for a clear commitment from everyone involved in the project at a core level. Evolving our communications, being genuinely honest with each other, and the clearing up of our agreement fields is vital to a healthy ecosystem. As we move through the process of reflection and re-design new possibilities will emerge.
Current Strength: More than 12 years of experiential learning & collective knowledge on governance & organizational structuring for communities, elaborate existing governance structure, desire to evolve the existing system into an effective organizational governance system.
Key Challenge: Lack of coherence in the founders circle and Stewardship Council: this involves patterns of unhealthy group dynamics we are inviting to shift through the framework small group work-sessions, restorative circles, renewed agreements, and an exploration of new ways of working together.
Current weaknesses: Unclear agreement fields, ineffective communication styles, lack of respect for one another, lack of joy & ease in working together, lack of unified effort for building organizational capacities as a team, complex systems and lack of human capitol, failure to actually follow to current systems of governance.
Organizational Renewal Development Track:
Co-sense, reflect and re-design current Organizational structure
Clarify founder & SC member core values, needs & commitments
Assess and redesign current operating agreement
Clarify project budget decision making process
Hold Group Self-Led Review Process
Host a series of meetings where each member of the SC reviews themselves, each individual person on the SC and Atlan relational & organizational field.
Clarify Agreement Fields Through New and Updated Contracts & Written Agreements
Re-design systems of organization at all levels
Create & uphold systems of accountability
Create working agreements at all levels of organization

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