Community Renewal

Purpose: To build community coherence, and inspire participation in heart led collaboration.
Renewal Focus: Increasing our focus on community building within our inner circle at Atlan. By becoming more of a community of practice together, this process can bring focus to our individual and collective awareness to gratitude, healthy boundaries, self care, and self reflection to cultivate sustainable and healthy group dynamics. We believe being intentional about dedicating time to nurture and weave our cultural social fabric during our community events and KiN gatherings will support us to continue cultivating a deeper sense of belonging and communion with one another - as we engage in deepening our connection through authentic relating and play.
Current Strength: Long standing commitment to togetherness. Beautiful people willing to not give up on the dream. Thriving land and growing infrastructure.
Key Challenges: Tensions both personal and in relationships over time have eroded the connections between core members of Atlan. Through focusing on self-care, healthy agreements, clear boundaries, honesty, gratitude and processing these tensions individually and collectively Atlan will continue to experience connection in new and more sustainable ways.
Current Weakness: Unstable or unclear boundaries, lack of prioritization of self-care, lack of self responsibility and accountability taken around personal and collective evolution
Community Renewal Development Track:
Commitment to ongoing practice of community renewal through authentic relating and community building around a sense of belonging and shared purpose
Plan intimate gatherings curated with opportunities for the inner circle of Atlan to cultivate a deeper sense of interconnectedness to one another and the land
Conduct Group Facilitation: Restorative Circles/ Tension Revelation Processes As Needed
Commitment to tending to self care, having fun together, and celebrating in gratitude for our community!
Create clear pathways for community engagement

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