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Customer Meeting Notes & Follow Ups

A customer meeting template to manage customer meeting notes and follow ups all in one place.
What is a good practice when working with a customer on site? A meeting best practice is to take good customer meeting notes and customer follow up action items. This template helps you accomplish both so you and your team have one place to track customer conversations. Customer meeting notes are a little different from notes you might track in a standup . To track internal , check out instead.

How to take customer meeting notes

As you are meeting with the customer, you can write down notes for the meeting such as the customer’s background, feedback about your business, and more importantly: . You can quickly add a follow up by clicking the “Add Follow Up” button at the bottom of the notes section so that you can keep track of follow ups as action items instead of going through a series of bullet points to see what the follow up is.
Other features in this template:
Add a meeting summary so that your team members can get the highlights from the meeting
View customer follow ups and meeting summaries in one place separate from the detailed meeting notes

on how to use this template.


1️⃣ Duplicate the section and select the meeting date and customer name (to add your own customers to the dropdown, click the "Add Customer" button or start typing your customer name in the dropdown).
2️⃣ Add actions items you need to follow up on after the meeting while the meeting is happening by clicking the "Add Follow Ups" button located at the bottom of the notes.
3️⃣ Once the meeting is over, write a brief meeting summary by clicking the "Add Meeting Summary" button.
4️⃣ View all outstanding follow ups and meeting summaries in . Click this button to clear dummy data in this template 👉
Clear dummy data

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