Team Meeting Starter Kit for 2021

Meeting follow-up tips

The meeting may be over, but your work is not. Like a newly-launched product, meetings benefit from a PR cycle. We remind folks of their action items, fill in those that couldn’t make the meeting, and provide visibility to stakeholders. Think of it as your post-meeting thank you cards. Before we dive into how to follow up after a meeting, let's understand why this step is key to effective meetings.

What is a meeting follow-up?

Meeting follow-up is all the work done when the meeting is over. Whether you’re sharing your meeting notes via email, making a phone call to a potential customer after a sales meeting, or adding phone numbers and job titles to your CRM after a networking event, you’ll want to make sure to communicate to your team members anything that needs to be done before the next meeting.

5 tips for effective follow-up

Even the best run meetings are ineffective without good follow-through. Here are some best practices to ensure decisions made during the meeting stick.

Follow-up ASAP, in a way that makes sense to your team and/or company culture.
Align your meeting recap with your meeting goals.
Be honest about potential red flags or blockers in the plan.
Keep your follow-up concise and to the point.
Don’t be afraid to follow up again. There’s no harm in a little polite pestering.

Meeting follow-up templates

Here’s a set of templates to help close the communication loop:

Decision memo template

At Coda, we have a post-meeting ritual of turning raw meeting notes into something shared with the broader team or company. You can consider it as sort of a press release for your meeting. Not sure how to communicate the choices you’ve made? Use this
template to guide the context you’re sharing.

Follow-up email automation

Our first tip for effective follow-up is to start your outreach immediately because when your meeting ends, you’re probably on to another one—and that follow-up email or phone call is no longer top of mind. So we've shortened the amount of time needed to send meeting notes, decision memos, or any other meeting recap. Get started with this follow-up email template:

Meeting follow-up FAQ

How do you politely follow up after a meeting?

What makes a great follow-up email?

Do your team members need a follow-up meeting?

How to practice effective follow-up as part of your meeting process?

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