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Duplicate this page to start taking notes for a customer meeting! Add the customer you're meeting with by clicking the "Add Customer" button or start writing directly in the customer dropdown and hit the "+" sign.

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Macmillan Utility

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Meeting Summary
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Cameron, TPM found out about us
Joe, her boss, wanted a demo after seeing more team members use the product
Need to send them NDA ASAP! ❗️
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John Bosworth is VP of sales
Gordon Clark is sales engineer who reached out to our team about a demo


Are building a prototype for a that needs a solution like ours
"Saw your website and thought we'd schedule a demo"

Demo Feedback

Bosworth liked what he saw, but would want more of Gordon's team to test the platform before signing up for a license
Liked the various test suites the platform offers
"Haven't seen anything like this in our industry."

Use Cases

Potentially partner with them on distributing our platform when their computer launches

Follow Ups & Questions
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@Send over an NDA
@Joe to setup intro with former colleague John
@Send Cameron stickers for laptop!

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