Spext is Hiring

Hiring for remote engineering and design roles in India. Let's ship magic together!
At , You edit the transcript to edit media. Spext has built world’s first browser based document like media editor, democratising audio/video content creation at scale.
Try it out our editing experience ➡️
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We are building powerful workflows to make it easier and quick to repurpose already recorded content at scale.
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If you join us, you’ll be an early team member in helping shape:
Our future company culture
Our engineering practices
People that we hire
The direction & focus of our products

How do I get in touch?
You can email us: & we’ll be in touch! If your resume and background appears like a good match, someone will reach out for an initial phone screen.
Is there any referral Program?
Yes, Absolutely! Introduce us to great people over email and we’ll be really grateful and gift you an if we hire. You can email us at with the subject line as “Referring a friend for xyz positions” and please attach the CV if possible. Also, please don’t forget to mention your own details like name, phone number etc.
What’s up with the name Spext?
Spext works with recordings like a doc. Spext is a wordplay of speech + text 😂
Who else works at Spext?
, ,
, and few more amazing folks we keep adding to our team. A few friends contract with us as well across design & engineering who work part-time.
Where is Spext located?
Spext does not have an official office. We all work 100% remotely from home. Bangalore, San Francisco, Delhi, Mumbai, Dharamsala.
We are planning to have drop in office in Bangalore soon. Separating physical location from economic opportunity lets us radically expand the number of great people we can work with in the world.
Are you okay with remote employment?
Yes, only in the IST and closer timezone at this time due to timezone convenience & complexity. We have been a remote product team from day 1 prior to COVID-19.
Have you raised any money?
Yes - happy to tell you how much over the phone. We are a seed stage company and we have raised from firms like , , , etc.

Are you open to bringing on interns for any of your roles?
We are open for interns.
What’s the interview process like?
For both design and dev roles, we’ll likely do a quick 30-minute phone call just to make sure we’re on the same page.
After that we jump on the assignment. You can let us know when you want to start the assignment, Turnaround time is 3/4 days.
We’ll review the assignment, and if satisfactory, we schedule a call to discuss the assignment and relevant technical topics on a 2 hour long call.
45 mins call with Founders.

We can also explore. :
When we get to work together for several weeks on a project (of course, we’d pay you whatever you think is fair). Often working together for a bit is a great way to determine whether there’s a good match as future teammates and it can give you a lot of transparency. We understand, however, that’s not always possible for everyone. (4 weeks, 40 hours per week minimum)

How many people do you plan to hire?
We plan to grow the team a bit to around ~15 total people (+7) through the second half of 2022—in which case, we may reevaluate. The next set of people are going to help us to scale to hundreds and eventually thousands of paying users as we progress to product-market-fit. We’ll be hiring mostly engineers and a few key non-technical roles.

What’s the technical stack that you’re working on?
We primarily write code in Vue and Javascript, TypeScript for our web app. We have backend in Python and Node. We also get our work done with some linux libraries. We use both AWS and Google Cloud and our architecture is scalable. We manage our code in GitHub and deploy using GitHub workflows.

What is work/life balance like at your company?
We usually leave work around 6 PM to have dinner with friends or family. As a result of being an early stage startup, we wouldn’t want to hide this reality to prospective candidates: raw hours actually make a big difference in the impact we can make right now. This won’t always be the case but it is at present. So, often we find ourselves working later on in the evening, on rare occasions a weekend, but it’s mostly driven by personal ambition. We don’t have any expectations of anyone to do so.

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