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Project Management Tool

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Project Management Software Review

A document reviewing project management tools that we're looking at using.
This document aims to review the various strengths and benefits of project management tools in order to find the best fit for our business.

What are we looking to achieve?

The new tool will primarily be used for project management purposes across the business, but will also serve to replace some of the functions that we’re using different tools for. That includes:
Marketing Content Requests Board (Currently in MS Planner 🤮)
Quest Board (Currently in Trello/Coda)
Content Creation Process (Currently in Coda)
Potentially other tools

Our contenders...

The tools will be reviewing are outlined below. Prices have been aggregated into pound sterling (£) to allow for easier comparison.

Price - £11.59/user/month
Plan we’d require - Premium
Total Cost per month (25 Users) - £289.75


Price - £73.02/month flat
Plan we’d require - N/A
Total Cost per month (25 Users) - £73.02


Price - £6.64/user/month
Plan we’d require - Unlimited
Total Cost per month (25 Users) - £166.00


Price - £11/user/month
Plan we’d require - Standard
Total Cost per month (25 Users) - £275.00


Price - £6/user/month
Plan we’d require - Pro
Total Cost per month (25 Users) - £150.00


Price - £8/user/month
Plan we’d require - Enterprise (for feature parity)
Total Cost per month (25 Users) - £200.00

How this is going to work...

After reviewing everyone’s suggestions, Mel and I have created a list of features that would be useful to have in a project management tool. Each person reviewing the tool has been created a spreadsheet with a list of tasks to fulfil which are indicative of those features, and will have to rank the tool for how well they think it performs in each of those categories. You’ll also be asked to assign a priority to each of those features (Low, Medium, High), based on how important they are to you.
The scoring scale goes from 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. No decimals allowed! If a tool doesn’t have a feature at all, you can score it a 0.
Four of the people reviewing the tools (Ashraf, Melanie, Matt & Ruth) will be looking at the whole picture and assessing whether the features:
Actually exist within the tool at all
If they do exist, how well those features have been implemented
How much benefit those features will have across the organisation

We’ve also chosen one person (Jo) as a test case for someone who won’t be using the software often, but may be brought in for specific projects here and there. She has been given a shorter list of tasks that would be more appropriate for her use case.
You can find your individual spreadsheets using the links below:
The results will be collated into one big pivot table where we can compare and come to a consensus on which tool to use going forward. The scores will then be weighted based on the priorities we assigned to them (with low staying at the base score, medium increasing the score by 50%, and high doubling the score).
That means, if you rank three things as a 4 but give them different priorities:
The one with a low priority would have a final score of 4
The one with a medium priority would have a final score of 6
The one with a high priority would have a final score of 8
Once the scores have been aggregated, we’ll have a meeting to determine whether those scores match our experience with the tools, and to choose which tool we want to use going forward.

But Ash, not everyone wants to use Coda!

Luckily for you, I’ve set up a template in an Excel spreadsheet as well, so you can choose how you put the scores together. Just use one of the big buttons below to download it, and send it to me on Teams when you’re done filling it in.

If however you would like to use Coda because you think it’s great like me, you can sign up using the link below. Let me know once you’ve made an account and I’ll get you added to this doc! 😁

Great! What next?

I’ve created trial instances of each of the aforementioned tools, and will send all of you invites to a shared space so you can login. I’ll also attempt to recreate one of our existing processes within those tools, to give us a better gauge of how it’ll perform in real world use.
We should aim to complete our assessments by Tuesday 8th March, at which point we can decide on the tool we’d like to use going forward.
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