Capturing Chemistry , MARKET 2

Theme: Capturing Chemistry

Whether it's a shared moment of tenderness, or a playful glance, photographers bring out the best in every couple and capture their chemistry in the most amazing way. "Capturing Chemistry" is a photography masterclass that teaches enthusiasts and experts alike on the nuances of wedding photography and capture the beautiful moments of love between two people on their wedding day.

Note about theme - have incorporated the ideas of chemistry(science + love) and photography through the theme

Engagement idea (spin wheel)

What’s camera feature do you have chemistry with?
People can choose from multiple options like this (from a spinwheel). And the whereever the wheel stops, that setting is what your chemistry is with in your camera.
1. Aperture settings
2. Manual Focus
3. Lighting & Flash
4. Zoom
5. White balance
7. Stability
8. Mount

Opening area or entrance idea

can use a large typography at the entrance
Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 3.14.11 PM.png

Instead of love, the theme capturing chemistry can be created at the entrance. we can use some testubes or a beaker as well for the word ‘u’ in capturing

Invitation idea


Headline: Save your date with the perfect camera

The wedding photography class invitation can be based on this concept, conveying the message. Maybe showing the word wedding in a period table format (indicating chemistry)

Model shoot

the models can be standing or sitting within the florally decorated mandap

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