Canon camera division is conducting a series of workshops in the South India market (Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities).
TG: professional photographers
Attendees: Around 100-200
Geo: Tamil Nadu/Karnataka, Kerala and APTS
Models to Focus: R8, R6 and R50
The space available for the props will be 10H X 12W feet
The workshops start on 11th April and Canon team to use old/ current ongoing themes for 11,12 and 13th April
Workshops for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will happen in April
Invitation communications should include product description, model experience and all the event details
First priority is the event themes and the invitation.
3 themes according to the 3 regions mentioned above (The themes should include the usage of props and different elements of south indian weddings)
We have to design the PPT template for the event (Infographics to be a part of the ppt)
Design options for the event WhatsApp invites and print invites.
Welcome theme for the events

Canon to share:
A proper brief for the PPT.
Product Details
Event Details
3 themes for 3 markets- AP/ Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu Name of the event + (logo) Invite Engagement activities (TG- wedding photographers)- e.g. -photo booth

Name of the event:
Engagement activities:
Tamil Nadu
Name of the event:
Engagement activities:

Other theme names
Vibrant Vows
Picture Perfect Moments
Picture-Perfect Pairs
Timeless Tales
Kisses and Clicks
Happily Ever After
Capturing the Ceremony
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