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Foundational Goals & Overriding Goal

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Use the Funnel of Focus to identify your goals

1️⃣ Define Your Foundational Goals For The Year

Goal setting against your Life Vision is the cornerstone of your Lifebook system.
It’s time to define your foundational goals.
These are the 5 to 6 most important goals upon which your Life Vision rests.
The 5 to 6 most important objectives that will allow you to accomplish your Life Vision.
There is no general rule here. These goals can be:
multi-year goals
yearly goals
even goals that can be accomplished in a day (e.g. deciding to wake up early or quitting your job)
What matters is that these are the most important goals, the massive wins. They are the foundation of your Ideal Life Vision.
Let's get started!
Begin by reading your new and improved
Really let it soak in
Then ask yourself: What are the 5-6 most important objectives you must accomplish to live that Life Vision?
Read this hint before writing your goals:
Hint. You might already have them written out. You can probably find them in two places:
Your 5-6 foundational goals are probably already within your “Strategy Sections” of each of your 12 Categories.
In the previous section, we asked you “What is the price you have to pay to get what you want?” Check that list because it might contain a few foundational goals as well.
Write your foundational goals:
Add foundational goals

2️⃣ Identify Your Overriding Goal For The Year

Now, you are in a position to make the single most powerful distinction in all of goal setting.
Take a look at your foundational goals below 👇
One of your goals is the most important goals that will drive success in all other areas. This is you overriding goal.
Select your overriding goal now in the table below 👇. Click the star ⭐️ in the corresponding row.
Goal type
Overriding goal?

3️⃣ Get Crystal Clear On Your Overriding Goal

Accomplishing your overriding goal is going to allow 70-80% of the others to fall into place. It will have the biggest effect.
Take this opportunity to get crystal clear on your overriding goal and what must be done to accomplish it.
By the time you’re done with this exercise, you will know just about everything there is to know about this crucial goal.

Time to make your overriding goal crystal clear.
Relax and let the answer pour out of you as you are being guided through this exercise.
Write at will. Do not worry about making mistakes or making it perfect, or it being incomplete. Aim for a minimum of one sentence for each of these questions. You can refine it after the exercise is over. For now, simply write what comes to mind.
* What is the purpose behind your overriding goal? * Why do you want to accomplish it? * What will you gain if you achieve it?
* What will you lose if you don't take action on this goal? * What is the downside of not achieving it?
* When will your overriding goal be accomplished? * Make it time-bounded. Set a deadline.
Starting position
* Where are you right now in relation to your overriding goal? * What is your starting point? * How much ground will you have to cover to get to where you want to be?
* What will you need to do in order to achieve your overriding goal? * List the most important milestones you need to achieve in order to accomplish this important objective.
* What are the obstacles standing in between you and your overriding goal? * What are the roadblocks and how can you remove them?
* What factor sets the speed in accomplishing your overriding goal? * Is there a bottleneck? Is there something slowing you down? How can you deal with this?
* What is your area of strength relative to your overriding goal? * What are you really good at? * How can you focus more energy here so that you can stack up that win?
* What is your weakest area relative to your overriding goal? * Where are you most vulnerable right now? * What do you need to work on, or improve, or delegate?
* What is the worst thing that could happen over the coming year to affect your overriding goal? * How can you avoid that? * What do you need to do to make sure that this doesn’t happen?
* What is the best case scenario and how can I achieve this goal?
Submit the form 👆

4️⃣ Define Your Annual & Quarterly Goals

Your mission here is to pull your goals deeper into the Funnel of Focus by defining your annual and your quarterly goals.
The aim is to start every quarter with a solid set of goals that are linked to your annual goals. And your annual goals are designed around your foundational goals & overriding goal, which came directly from your Ideal Life Vision. Everything is connected!
Complete this exercise here:
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