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Sacred Choices

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Define your 12 Sacred Choices

Sacred Choices GUIDE
1️⃣ Define Your Supporting Habits
2️⃣ Identify At Least One Negative Habit You Want To Break
3️⃣ Finalize Your 12 Sacred Choices
1️⃣ Define Your Supporting Habits
Achieving your Life Vision will come down to the goals you set and the habits you practice.
The principle of habitual behavior. Your habits shape your life and define you as a human being. You are what you continuously do.
A goal is something you want and you are willing to work towards.
A habit is an automatic pattern of behavior, acquired through frequent repetition.
The difference can be summed up with this question: Do you want to get there or live there?
The principle of goal-habit synergy. When you consciously choose the highest leverage goals and the highest leverage habits and direct them towards a common objective you get the most powerful possible combination of human behavior.
The feedback loop. Goal setting is the key to creating great habits and great habits are the key to accomplishing your goals. A few things to keep in mind:
Most great habits started off as goals.
You can take control of your habits, but only if you want to.
Your habits will determine whether or not you'll accomplish your goals and how quickly.
Goals control habits and habits control goals.
Now it’s time to choose your simple daily behaviors that will move you closer to your highest self, day by day. These are the behaviors that will help you accomplish your goals – and allow you to step into your life vision.
You can distill or find the right habits for you in two places:
Take a look at your . Ask yourself:
"What daily habits would support me most in making this Life Vision a reality?"
Take a look at your . Ask yourself:
"What daily habits would most support the accomplishment of my goals?”
After you identified some of the most important habits that you can install into your daily life, put a short description next to each of them.

✍️ Action Step

👇 Start listing your supportive habits. For each habit describe or define in at least one sentence what that habit means for you.
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