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Previous Year Reflection

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Reflect on the past year

Set aside 1-2 hours
Make sure no one will disturb you
Dedicate this time to yourself. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, get your favorite healthy snacks, and put on soothing music. Make this a magical time for yourself!
Fill out the form below 👇, then press the “submit” button to log the information in the table on this page 👉 .

Click into any text field in the form below then press CMD+Shift+E on Mac or CTRL+Shift+E on Windows to open the text editor. This allows you to type longer text with various formatting options.
✍️ Past Year Reflection Submission
Go through your past year’s calendar week by week or month by month. You can use your memory as well. What important things happened in your 12 categories this year? Summarize by each category. Click into the text field then press CMD+Shift+E on Mac or CTRL+Shift+E on Windows to open the text editor.
Look at the big goals you set for yourself this past year. How did you do on these goals?
What were three of your biggest accomplishments? What contributed to them the most? (new knowledge, power of network, focused effort etc.)
1. What were three of your biggest challenges? 2. What helped you overcome them and what did you learn?
Smartest decisions
What were the smartest decisions you took?
Worst decisions
What were your worst decisions of the year?
Risks taken
Which risks did you take and how did they pay off?
Greatest lessons
What were the greatest lessons that you learned?
Self discovery
What are the things you have discovered about yourself?
Who were the people that influenced you the most?Who did you influence the most?
In one sentence...
How would you describe the past year in one sentence?
Before planing next year...
I forgive (myself, others, situation etc) ... I let go of ... I am grateful for ...

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