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Find Information in the KB

Generally speaking, the Knowledge Base is designed to help you find information about a specific topic.
Identify the topic you're after
Locate the topic section in the left sidebar
If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for precisely, click the topic to open the main topic page and browse all subtopics
If you know the subtopic, click the arrow preceding the topic name in the sidebar and click the subtopic to directly go to that page.
Locate the information or step-by-step guide you're looking for. The may help you locate the content faster
If you still can’t locate the content, try the search bar.

Sharing info from the KB

Internal FAQ sections in this doc contain details for your eyes only. Meaning, even though sometimes you may share this content with customers, in most cases the content shouldn't be copied as is.


In most cases, the content in these docs are for internal use.
The inline links in these docs might link to internal docs.
Only snippets (usually written in green and yellow) can be copied as is
So, please be very mindful of what content you copy and share from this Knowledge Base with our users.

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