Answer your key questions:

What is the business problem this is meant to address? [Product, Marketing, Sales, Experience, Operational ← and within these broad buckets what is the key learning objective]
Project Data
What are the present hypotheses relevant to the project -- [a] Target [b] Product [c] Process/Channel [d] Metrics [e] Churn...
Adjacent Data
What other information exists in the organization that overlaps with this project [i.e. personas, segmentations, branding, cx, etc]?
How will these results be used? Given this, what is best format for deliverables?
Organizational Position
Is it tied to a strategic initiative or nice to have? What LOB does this serve? Who are the competitive products to consider [to understand, and/or to probe for]?
What are critical dates/milestones to consider
Who will manage recruitment [messaging/scheduling], incentives[legal/fulfillment], software, follow-ups
Additional questions for UX studies
1. What are the goals of this project? a. Who is the audience? i. Any accessibility requirements ii. First time vs repeat users 2. What kind of usability study would be most beneficial? a. What is the purpose of this test? b. What hypotheses do you have around their experiences you want to better understand? i. How much variation is there between types of users (segments) ii. How much variation in why they are visiting (scenarios) 3. Results a. Any key dates or milestones to be aware of b. How will the results be used 4. Participants a. Do you have a group of people or will you need support in recruiting them 5. Method a. Do you have any preference on approach of moderated vs unmoderated? b. Do you have digital feedback and monitor in place? 6. Assets a. Do you have user analysis (personas), workflow diagrams b. Do you have any passive observation and feedback in place
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