Scope of work

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Expanded scoping for design

Purpose & Objective
What are the goals of this project?
Why are we focusing on it?
What is the purpose of the project or task? (If unknown, run a business outcomes exercise)
What decisions are you trying to make with the results?
Has this challenge been attempted before? (existing research, outcomes)
What would cause this project to fail? (turn into HMW questions)
How much time do we have?
Who are the users/stakeholders (If unknown, run a proto-persona exercise)
What problems are we solving? (If unknown, run a user outcomes exercise)
Are we looking at new or existing customers? or both?
Do we need to consider multiple cultures?
How will we define success?
What is the ideal outcome for you?
What KPIs are we hoping to impact?
What are we aiming to achieve?
What is the KPI’s current average?

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