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The true horror on Halloween is seeing someone don an inappropriate and offensive "costume". Be in the know and read the helpful articles below. Plus some inspo!

🚫 Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation is the act of taking significant elements (symbols, dress, words, practices, etc.) from a culture that is not your own and removing all original context or meaning, usually with the goal of using these elements to make oneself seem “edgy” or to make a profit. This can take many forms, such as companies selling headdresses for festivals or clothing companies taking traditional patterning or styles from specific Indigenous Nations without any acknowledgement or consent. Around Halloween, cultural appropriation often manifests in the form of wearing “costumes” that rely on specific culture signifiers or stereotypes. Dressing up as an ethnicity, race or culture that is not your own is problematic and racist, and it’s up to folks who are not impacted by those situations to work together to ensure that it doesn’t continue among our friend groups, families and communities.
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🚫 Blackface/Brownface

Definition: the practice of wearing makeup to imitate the appearance of a Black or Brown person. Articles below speak on blackface and brownface in the context of Halloween, its history, and why you should not do it.

💡 Inspirations

Pics or it didn’t happen! Browse through these note-worthy group costumes photos and don’t forget to document your own Halloween look.

Get in the Halloween spirit and have fun!

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