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Product Development & Growth

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Product Development & Growth

A template for product managers to streamline their product development and product planning processes.

What is this doc?

This template allows Product Managers to grow their product via discovering problems their customers and users have through the scientific process. Form hypotheses through existing quantitative data, qualitative data, and surveys. Then A/B test these ideas to see what works. In this way, your team can develop remarkable consumer insights, fueled by learnings from thousands of experiments.
A lean product development process consists of three phases:
Discovery - Find real Consumer Problems
Solution - Ideate, Prototype and Test
Development - Experiment Ideas and see Results
For each of these phases, you will find multiple sections in this template to help you follow a lean product development process.

Here's the ingredients to make it work:

shows all people involved in the process
is where we'll enter the company level themes and our individual key results
A lean Product Development process made of 3 phases 👇

1) Discovery - Found out real Customer Problems

of main Competitors
(Quantitative & Qualitative)
to review all Discovery work

2) Solution - Ideate, Prototype and Test

- Formulate Hypothesis of know Problems
(Impact vs Effort)
several Ideas
them with Users

3) Development - Experiment Ideas and see Results

on several required Tasks
the Results
and iterate the Product

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