Find your company

Your life (and work) depend on it

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Faster alone, further together

Employers rate the ability to be a “team player” as one of the most important characteristics of current (and future) employees.

Let’s think together why this might be.

You don’t know what you don’t know. We all have blind spots. Strengths AND weaknesses.

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Here’s another reason: you need others. At work. And in life.

Oftentimes, people who have been hurt by other people, will be tempted to try to live their lives all by themselves.
Because that’s safer.
It protects them.
It protects them from being hurt again.
It protects them from being let down again.
It protects them from disappointing someone again.

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Here’s the problem. No one will never attain happiness by living their life alone. The key is finding people you can trust.
Loneliness is toxic. Research shows that it negatively affects your health more than smoking.
Kids who are neglected don’t develop as well. If you aren’t given attention by other people, you will not grow as strong and robust as you could.
So what do you do? Well, you find your team.
You find a team at work.
You find a team in life.
You find your company, your people, your supporters, your friends.

Rhythm of attaching and detaching,

of community and solitude,

of space and togetherness.

Because your life and work may well depend on it, find your team.

A team is people who will work with you. And help you. And be nice to you.
Live and work alone, and you will stagnate from loneliness.
You also won’t benefit from others’ assistance.
But rely too much on others, and you will annoy them. You also have gifts to bring that no one else can.
Balance asking for help, with doing your work.
Carry the load you’re meant to carry. Carry it alongside others who support you, while you support them.


We’ve got company (guests/sales)

We’re in a company (business/operations)

We’re in good company (teamwork/coaction)

Companions, bread sharers

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