Feedback and performance reviews

Feedback notes . By the way: here’s a life tip: Learn to love suggestions for improvement. Love it when you get in trouble for doing stupid stuff. How else could you learn? If you love learning from your mistakes, you will become successful. If you mock those who correct you, you will crash and burn, in life.
But remember, if all they say to you is negative, don’t listen to any of it. If they can’t speak about the good and the to-be-improved, then they aren’t worth your time. They will tear you down, and not build you up. The people who care about you will speak to you about what they see that is good, and what might be better.
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This applies at work. Anywhere you work, your boss will give you feedback, and you should look forward to hearing what you can improve on.

Let’s talk about performance evaluations. I hate that word, but that’s what we’re calling these feedback tools right now.
You want to ask for help sometimes (ask a team mate or staff member for help), and other times try it without help. You’ll figure out when asking for help makes a difference, and when asking for help isn’t what you needed.
Here’s a tip or when you’re outside of work, and you need to decide if asking for help, or just doing it yourself, is the right next step. Sometimes, we talk to other people trying to get their support or enthusiasm about our idea, because it feels productive to talk about it. Sometimes that just annoys people. They want to see something, then talk about it. Do something, then get feedback on what you’ve made or did. Oftentimes, talking about making something or doing something is a false way to feel like you’re making progress because you think you need someone’s support, buy in, or approval before you act. That may be the case in your job, your boss is directing you after all. But outside of work, do something you choose to do. Don’t talk about it, do it, then talk and get feedback. That’s the only way this creative process works. Making something, doing something, is the first, scary, wild step.
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