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Each week we share updates on our progress towards our OKRs.

Cadence: before EOD Saturday each week

Update template

[this is where you can say you did something, didn’t do something, etc.] Update (1) status, (2) progress bar, and (3) (if relevant) notes of ORK within Coda for both
The company OKRs
The Team KRs & Initiatives
NOTE: these can be updated in your indiv view, in the team view, in the updates view and the update will reflect across all of the tables
[this is where you can share impact, learnings, next steps, etc. that cannot be captured quickly. This is NOT required for every single line, but for ones that have been started, ones with graphs, ones with areas of concern, ones with celebrations, decisions, etc. ] 6-week KR lead writes update for 6 week KRs and any relevant initiatives if necessary that include, as relevant the following: Please start each line with 1.1 or 4.6, etc. so we know which KR you are referring to
Snapshot of key metric(s) and initiatives
What worked, why?
What didn’t work, why?
Biggest learning(s)
Is there anything you will do differently or new next week?
What would make your life easier?
Issues that needs to be resolved / Decisions that need to be made, including: [consider using the decision table]
As many options as possible
Who will be part of decision making team
Any dependencies
If a decision is to be made or you have a question, please tag
@Aagya Mathur
and 26-wk KR lead

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