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Meeting & OKR Cadence

Semi-Quarter Schedule

Monday Morning: 20 mins
Team lows and highs
Presentation by alternating teammates on what you’re working on
Monday Morning 3 weeks into each SQ: 20 mins each
Company Objective meetings with Aagya, 26wk objective lead, and anyone working on objective’s 6wk KRs to discuss further or make any decisions
NOTE: Everyone comes fully prepared to this meeting by having reviewed OKRs and updates, decisions to be made, etc. so it can be completed quickly
Friday Afternoon: 1 hour
We should each remember that we're all doing A LOT. This isn't meant to be a moment to share everything you did, we know you're doing a ton. Practice ruthlessly prioritizing - what do you need to share with the entire team that has impact vs. can be included in OKR updates, shared via slack, shared via an email?
This is a moment to focus on cross collaboration or relevant to others
what you have learned / overcome that other people may be interested in or may impact others
what is stumping you so that others can help you brainstorm or may have
what open questions you have that you look forward to answering
Share wins and shoutouts!
If we start getting into the weeds with something, connect offline
Concepts: Please note somewhere throughout, what are you proud of?
(bulk of your time) What did you learn? Here consider,
what is a hypothesis you had, what test did you run, what was the impact? How will you use this going forward?
What launches / campaigns did you have? how did they go? what did you learn and how will you use the learnings going forward?
Relevant metrics and what they're telling you (why are they trending the way they are)
(if relevant) What decisions did you make?
(if relevant) What are your open questions / open hypotheses / discussion topics / decisions that need to be made?
(if relevant) What are your roadblocks / keeping you up at night? What asks do you have for the team?
What is your mood about work from this week? Pink, purple, blue
What did your bandwidth for work end up being this week? Red, Yellow, Green
What are your priorities for next week?
Before EOD Friday
Weekly KR update, weeks 1-5 [see ]

Semi-Quarter Planning & Reviews

Week 6
REVIEW of semi-quarter
EOD Friday: update and statuses, check marks for initiatives, progress bar, and notes if necessary, etc.
EOD Friday: Company KR Lead to write up how the semi-quarter panned out to push the Company KR and objective forward under respective objectives. For consistency, please organize so that you list the 6wk Team KR # then each of the following points so that it is organized per KR:
Snapshot of 6wk Team key metric(s) and initiatives (include: what was the goal? what is the difference? What are interesting trends, etc. and why??)
What worked, why?
What didn’t work, why?
Biggest learning(s)? How will apply this over the next semi-quarter?
Do you have any new hypotheses?
What would make your life easier going forward?
How are you feeling about this 6-mo company KR in general? (all the feels :) )
EOD Monday: respond to any followup comments / questions based on your review
if you are the last one that a comment is for, resolve once complete. Thanks!
PLANNING for next semi-quarter:
EOD Wednesday: Teams send proposals to Company O & KR Lead for semi-quarter / 6wk Team KRs
GUIDELINES, as applicable:
Start the KR with verb as possible. e.g. Increase, decrease, maintain, hire, generate, sell, etc.
Reference the appropriate time period. e.g. per month, per week, all-time, etc
Reference the current state of the metric.
e.g. 18% of all-time applications, 1000 per month, 82% of DAU per week
Reference the target state of the metric
Increase X all-time applicants for Head of Product from x% to y%
Decrease complaints about x from y% per month to z% per month
Increase weekly in-app forum per DAU from X to Y
Give offer to Brand & Community Manager candidate
Noon Friday: Company O & KR Leads compile finalized 6-wk KR proposal
Note: Should have already reviewed with your respective team and cross functional teams. This is not an individual exercise
EOD Monday: Finalize 6-wk plan with Aagya
All questions and comments resolved
if you are the last one that a comment is for, resolve once complete

Fall and Spring Reviews

Purpose: Review of the last 6 months and each of our objectives
Obj 1: X Lead, Y Support
Obj 2: X Lead, Y Support
Obj 3: X Lead, Y Support
Obj 4: X Lead, Y Support
Write up & all updated and finalized graphs / analytics on last 6 months
Completed by 5pm on Weds for Aagya to review ahead of review meetings on Thursday
Any and all followups resolved by EOD Friday
Take time to reflect individually first, then as a team
Ensure all graphs, data, analytics, etc. are updated and review with a critical thinking lens
As a team, write a page or two (or more if you would like) on how the last 6 months went, what your team accomplished, review of the status and goals, and what you learned. Be comprehensive and please include the following. There should be one comprehensive writeup for the entire objective, lead by the objective lead and supported by the rest of the people who coordinate.
How do you feel the last 6 months have gone and why?
What are three things you want to be sure Aagya knows and why?
What are three things that would make you move faster (with reasonable resources) and how?
What is the graph, chart, picture, video, etc. that you are OBSESSED with and why?
Have fun!
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