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Data & Words Hygiene

A common vocabulary for our OKRs - details matter!

Words - to build the muscle and consistency when speaking outside of our team:

8-week retention (should have hyphen always)
Months: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
We have members → not ladies, girls, people, users, guys, etc.
Number of people (number used for anything countable) vs. Amount of time (amount used for anything not countable)
“I think” should ONLY be used for hypotheses and be followed by a reasoning for hypothesizing such a thing. Do not leave the reader thinking you are not sure if you hit a metric or that you want to do something.
If sharing that something increased or decreased, over what time period? what was the starting point?
e.g. engagement increased 100% from 10% to 20% MoM
e.g. 15,000 new members this month, up 50% from 10000 new members last month
“increased a lot” “majority” “some” are fluff and mean nothing :)
When talking about percentages, there is a difference in percentage point increase and percentage increase
e.g. 20% to 30% engagement = 50% increase and 10 percentage point increase

Including a graph? Annotate! Answer these questions:

What is the highlight? Why is this important? What should I be paying attention to? [include this write up, tell everyone what they should care about with this graph]
What is / was the goal? This should be visual on the graph
On track? How achieved?
Below? Why? What going to do to improve?
What are we learning? What are we changing based on this?
Seeing a trend up, why? Annotate changes
Is it relative to an OKR? e.g. OKR is to improve % of MAU logging, so is the graph per MAU?
Is this for a specific subsector? VIP? paid vs. not? case vs. not?
Check all axes, do they make sense?
Check the title, does it make sense?
Are all words and numbers legible?
Do I need a legend?
Include call out numbers ON the graph if/as possible instead of asking to look at the axis
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.