Ilyushka's Reflections


Welcome to this course on Unsouping Your Life(tm).
What Even is This
Ilyushka got tired of forgetting which Designer’s Reflections they were working on upgrading and also loves organizing data. I originally created this reference for my own use, but I thought maybe at least one other person might want to look at it.
Yes, I may keep multiple charts and spreadsheets for fun for things that absolutely do not require that much tracking.
How Does This Work
This reference can help you sort your Reflections into interactive charts by Awakening Status:
Awakened — Self-explanatory.
In-Progress — You’re actively working on these.
Backlog — You want to get to these eventually.
Asleep — You don’t care about awakening these and they can go in the soup pot with Loen. 💀

On top of tracking awakening status, I’ve also included additional views and flags to assist in allocating resources such as:
Echo & Full Suit Availability — Do you already have an echo & the suit, are you grinding for one via crafting or shadow crystals, or are you hoping for a rerun of a pavilion?
Overall Level — Are they at a high enough level to reach the required # of stars to be awakened?
Star Rank — Are they at enough stars to be awakened once you have an echo?
How to Get Started
It’s free, and you can just use a burner Google account if you want!
what your Coda account is, so they can send you an invite to the Shining Nikki Trackers Workspace that hosts this template. Then:
Create a new document using this template:
Head to this link:
Click on [Use template] on the top-right hand corner. DO NOT EDIT THE TEMPLATE ITSELF!
Once your new reference document has been created:
Change the thing’s name to yours! Or don’t, whatever.
Take a look at the Read Me page for some more instructions before you begin.
Each page also has its own supplementary advice and filtered table views, but you don’t have to pay attention to these if you don’t want to, I just included them for completionism’s sake.
The template will automatically create a document in your private My docs folder down at the very bottom of the left sidebar.
You can see my use of the system in .

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.