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If you copied this template after April 15, 2023, then you have the latest version.
You can see an example of this template in action:
The core idea of this template is sorting your Reflections into interactive charts by Awakening Status:
Awakened — Self-explanatory.
In-Progress — You’re actively working on these.
Backlog — You want to get to these eventually.
Asleep — You don’t care about awakening these and they can go in the soup pot with Loen. 💀
This template is server/Reflection agonistic*—what that means is I’ve provided the framework for you to track your own reflections and not a list of all available Reflections, and you will have to punch in the information and make the updates; BUT the charts will then reorganize themselves as you go and keep themselves tidy and hopefully helpful.
On top of tracking awakening status, I’ve also included additional views and flags for your data to assist you in allocating your resources such as:
Echo & Full Suit Availability — Do you already have an echo & the suit, are you grinding for one via crafting or shadow crystals, or are you hoping for a rerun of a pavilion?
Tier & Overall Level — How powerful are they? Are they at a high enough level to reach the required # of stars to be awakened?
Star Rank — Are they at enough stars to be awakened once you have an echo?
*The only thing to keep in mind is that I structured this template with Global server designations of Rarity (UR =SSR etc.) in mind, so if you are tracking Reflections from CN/TW you will need to adjust for those terms when you enter your data.
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