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Hi, I’m Ilyushka, and I like visualizing data, and creating processes that automate tracking data! I know, I know, a me-only problem.
I also like wasting my money on pixel clothing, so at least we have that much in common.
It drove me nuts that Shining Nikki players on the global servers had a wealth of information and potential insight in what suits may be laying in wait for us and no way to really “see” any of these patterns to easily make sense of them—and that the resources out there took a lot of manual updating and (much appreciated) effort on the part of the maintainers.
And so (after my own probably incredibly confusing, misguided) efforts:
Release timelines that (sort of) build themselves!
Streamlined updates that populate information on other graphs with the click of a button! (Okay, okay, there’s at least a few more clicks involved, but still.)
FILTERS, oh my God, so many filters. So many delicious filters. Pivot tables? So last century. My graphs awaken, baby.
Spotted an error? Got some tips? !
Navigation Table
The hub that details the paid Events from all the servers.
Event & Collab Pavilions/Banners
Recharges & Purple Diamond Purchases
Diamond Expenditures
Fashion Projects
Memory Collections
Special Spending Events
Event-linked Welfares
Also has a Memory Collection Prediction guide where
shares some (amateur) insight as to how to possibly make some guesses as to what might be released next!

The stuff we don’t gotta save for!
All Crafting Suits
Diamond Arena
Styling Competition
Memory Stairway
Pinnacle Battle
Guild Theater
Intel Hub
Welfares & Other Gifts
Includes some miscellaneous suits too, like the Game Launch suits etc.

The hub that breaks down the rotational Gleams.
Sea of Fantasy/Permanent Suits
Sea of Fantasy: Gleam/Rotational Suits
Has some calculations on average time elapsed between server releases & release/reruns etc., because Yush figured why not.

What it says!
VIP Suits
This hub is pretty basic compared to the other hubs.
A comprehensive reference of all the Designers featured or mentioned in Shining Nikki.
You can search all the names by:
EN Official or Unofficial
CN Traditional or Simplified
CN Character Count
Disclaimer that Yush hasn’t been to CN school since they were a kid (which was many, many decades ago), and also was only ever taught in trad. so, y’know. Typos may happen.
List of suits that need some updating or accuracy checking.
Ilyushka has made this tracker public just in case someone who is looking at these databases knows some of the answers!
If you know what some of the missing information outlined on this hub might be, !
I made an interactive calculator where you can enter in suit Rarity, Item #, & Reflection to get some magic math.
This page allows you to interact with it, but it won’t save your changes, so you’ll want to screen-cap your results if you want to keep them!
Yush also made a thing where you can log the reflections you’re working on upgrading to keep organized!
The link goes out to my tracker, that has some instructions on how to get a copy of your own!
Some incredibly meticulous logging that nobody cares about, probably.
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Ilyushka (a.k.a. Yushka, Yush) somehow wandered into the Crow Police guild on Shining Nikki and never left, where they now annoy everyone with their senile rambling.
Yush built the infrastructure and code for the databases. They’re a little bit obsessive. They review the functionality and content every so often to make sure all the data still has, like, integrity, I guess.
Ree is the leader of the Crow Police guild that Yush is part of—her original inspired me to build these guides. Yush definitely would not have been able to enter a lot of the information when first setting up had Ree not kept such good records and organization on the Guild Discord.
She also helps me enter & update suits, and make sure that things that get announced don’t get forgotten or lost because I’m kind of a space case!
You may already know that asukii hosts the , where Yush & Ree got a bulk of the information that was originally added onto the first versions of these hubs.
Without her these hubs wouldn’t have been possible, so there’s that!
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Psst: In the unlikely event that you found these databases or the Reflection Tracker helpful, interesting or amusing, and would also like to thank Ilyushka or Ree—
or if you’re a member!
Yushka also does , so check those out!
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