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Acquired Reflections

This is the source page that all the other charts will pull from. The big ol' soup pot.
All you need to do to get started is punch in the Reflections you want to keep track of into your own reference by clicking the same buttons you’ll see on your own sheet below:
Enter New Reflection
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Any time you get a new Reflection you want to keep track of, go back to your “Acquired Reflections” page and add an entry via the buttons and all of the tables & pages will automatically populate, and:
An entry with Awakened? checked places them in automagically!! 💖
An entry with Backlog toggled ON sorts into , instead of showing up in.
An entry with Asleep toggled ON places the Reflection in your .
If your table gets as long as mine—you can use to quickly filter and search for items to edit if you can’t remember which table or page it ended up on.
Owned Reflections
Below is a different view where you can easily perform quick searches of all entered Reflections (by any keyword—like soup!) as well as apply some filters (use the drop-downs in the top-left corner!).
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Full Suit?
A Gloomy Start
A Sweet End
A Lady’s Façade
A Lady’s Wishes
A Windy Dawn
Magpie Bridge
Affection of Gardenia
Wish of Gardenia
Against the Light
Before the Dawn
Alice’s Fantasia
Alice’s Teaspoon
All-Night Revels
Late Night Tricks
Alternative Trend
Street Tempest
Autumn Forest
Spring Forest
Autumn Moon
Brisk Autumn
Banquet of Passion
Party Banquet
Bates Manor
Bates Garden
Bear and Memories
Bear and Time
Bern’s Gift
Bern’s Wish
Betty’s Lamb
Betty’s Adventure
Black Cat Lurking
Black Cat Contract
Blazing Sky
Azure Sky
Bloodthirsty Queen
Mercenary Queen
Bloom Poetry
Snownight Mind
Blue Ice
Sweet Cherry Wine
Boat in Breeze
Lotus and Rain
Breath of Wind
Spirit Whisper
Breezy Banquet
Luxurious Feast
Breezy Summer
Full Blossom
Brown Afternoon
Afternoon Coffee
Brown Bunny Journey
White Bunny Mystery
Camo Girl
Cool Girl
Card Fantasy
Poker Game
Chanson of Grace
Ode to Time
Checkered Island
Checkered Ocean
Cheshire Cat Dream
Cheshire Cat Parade
Choco Story
Choco Time
Clear Moonlight
Cloud and Flower
Dawn of Spring
Clown’s Welcome
Clown’s Secret
Cold Flame
Fleeting Time
Colorful Cake Tower
Dreamy Cake
Cool Planet Wanderlust
Cutee Planet Wanderlust
Crimson Elegance
Midnight Elegance
Crimson Night Song
Misty Blue Veil
Crop Fields
Glimmering Twigs
Daisy Fancies
Forest Daisy
Dance of Time
Glittering Date
Dark Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Dark Contracts
Misty Breaths
Data Core
Virtual Core
Dawn Prayer
Silent Prayer
Dawning Promise
Snownight Hawk
Dazzling Night
Punk Night
Deer Benediction
Cloud Benedicton
Deja vu
Jamais Vu
Desire Magic
Soul Magic
Diet Coke
Iced Coke
Dozing Crescent
Shimmering Star
Dream and Dawn
Midnight Tears
Dream Devourer
Drunken Rose
Dream of Memories
Dream Bloom
Dream-weaving Lamb
Star-weaving Lamb
Dreamlike April
Dreamlike Season
Dustless Feathers
Feather of Light
Early Autumn Mist
Early Summer Shower
Elves’ Prayer
Elves’ Elegy
Evening Breeze
Grass & Breeze
Exceptional Mage
Apprentice Mage
Fading Magnolia
Blooming Magnolia
Fancy Milk Tea
Black Sugar Milk Tea
Fantasy of the Young
Fantasy of the Sky
Faraway Fields
Rural Scene
Feather Waltz
Nightmist Aria
Festival Scene
Carnival Scene
Firefly Snow
Glamorous Nights
Fleeting Dream
Fleeting Bloom
Floating Feather
Azure Porcelain
Floral Encounter
Floral Aroma
Floral Garden
Garden of Dew
Floral Parade
Romantic Visit
Flower Tune
Flower Rhyme
Flowery Sillouette
Flowery Reflection
Flying with the Wind
Flying Free
Forest Tune
Woodsy Adventure
Forever Love
Uttered Vow
Fragrant Dream
Dreamy Violet
Fresh Sprouts
Plum Blooms
Frost Night Orchid
Moonlit Night Orchid
Frosty Rule
Howling Will
Future Guide
Future Indicator
Garden Afternoon
Reminiscence of Flower
Gentle Time
Lingering Fragrance
Gingersweet Tale
Gingerbread Tale
Gleaming Snow
Gleaming Vines
Glowing Feather
Silent Feather
Go Go Duck
Energy Duck
Gourmet’s Party
Foodie’s Party
Graceful Music
Spring Chant
Green Pastoral
Floral Nocturne
Heart of Ruins
Star Beyond Galaxy
Herbert’s Caprice
Herbert’s Solo
Idyll of the Wind
Poem of the Wild
In Search of Wind
Poetry by the Wind
Inky Flame
Inky Soundwave
Into the Future
Into the Ruins
Intoxicated Shore
Pleasant Breeze
Iridescent Foam
Lime Foam
Iris Love
Iris Dream
Jade Phoenix
Crimson Phoenix
Jasmine Aroma
Jasmine Buds
Johnny’s Garden
Johnny’s Wish
Journey of Camelia
Message of Camellia
Kiss of Butterfly
Gold Gilt Dream
Lamp Night
Lamp Fest
Lanterns of Spring
Lanterns of Fish
Lasting Memory
Journey of Memory
Lavender Whispers
Daisy’s Diary
Leah the Sugar Witch
Leah the Candy Witch
Leaping Tiger
Flaming Tiger
Liese’s Dress
Liese’s Dream
Light of Dawn
Glint in the Night
Lightchasing Trail
Windchasing Shadow
Lightseeker’s Poem
Lightbringer’s Ode
Lime Lemon Tea
Honey Lemon Tea
Longing Breeze
Seaside Date
Love: Awakening
Love: Signal
Magic Moment
Magic Hour
Magic Wish
Magic Blessing
Magnificent Cloud
Blissful Cloud
Marvelous Fantasy
Rainbow Fantasy
Mellow Moon Dew
Faint Moon Dew
Meteoric Oath
Meteoric Feather
Midnight Aroma
Fairytale Aroma
Midnight Confession
Midnight Impression
Midnight Spotlight
Midnight Neon
Midsummer Leaves
Midsummer Dreams
Midsummer Sunflowers
Summer Sunflowers
Mighty Wilderness
Minty Memory
Rose-tinted Reverie
Monochrome Concerto
Black-White Encounter
Moo Ranch
Spotty Ranch
Moon at Dusk
Morning Blossoms
Moon Gazer
Lost Tides
Moon in the Water
Flower in the Mirror
Moonbeam Dance
Banquet Undercurrent
Moonlight Vow
Twilight Promise
Nightfall Nebula
Moonset Song
Moonlight Song
Morning Mist
Morning Breeze
Mountain Visitor
Virescent Mountain
Mr. Charles
Sir Charles
Night and Jenny
Flower and Jenny
Night Camouflage
Moonlight Watcher
Night Covenant
Northern Creed
Night Dirge
Fiery Dusk
Night’s Kiss
Telosma’s Kiss
Nightingale and Rose
Nightingale and Mist
Nocturne Song
Daytime Whispers
Oblivion Ballad
Crimson Dust
Orchid Mark
Orchid Shadows
Origami Sky
Origami Clouds
Osmanthus Wine
Osmanthus Dew
Out the Flower Palace
Out the Phoenix Palace
Past and Beyond
Afterglow and Dawn
Pasture Trip
Hunting Trip
Path of Time
Garden of Time
Pavilion Sparrows
Cloud Sparrows
Pelagic Noise
Vaporwave Dream
Piggy Journey
Piggy Encounter
Pixel Adventure
Virtual Adventure
Poem of Light
First Light of Dawn
Pollia Robe
Pollia Mist Silk
Prince & Brambles
Prince & Gold Rose
Pumpkin Latte
Fragrant Latte
Pumpkin Witch
Midnight Witch
Raccoon’s Sweets
Racoon’s Picnic
Rain Cease
Riverside Fireworks
Rainbow Bubbles
Neon Bubbles
Reconstruction of Dream
Inception of Life
Reindeer’s Bells
Jingle Bells
Rest of Anuwa
Spirit of Anuwa
River Chant
Reedpipe Song
Rosy Dream
Rosy Bloom
Sage-Green Maiden
Red Beauty
Sandalwood Shadows
Smoky Shadows
Sanguine Garden
Gray Garden
Scented Frost
Niveous Fragrance
Sea Mist
Oceanic Reverie
Serenade of Teresa
Teresa Afternoon Tea
Shadowborn Favour
Lightborn Grace
Sheila’s Discipline
Sheila’s Rule
Shimmering Dance
Golden Tambourine
Shining Dance
Rhythmic Dance
Shy Lady
Lady’s Reflection
Silence of Twilight
Flames of Dawn
Silent Night
Perfect Experiment
Silent Night Spirit
Midnight-Sun Spirit
Silver Tome
Molten Gold
Sleepy Bunny
Snoring Bunny
Smile in Retrospect
Nostalgic Dreams
Smoky Clouds
Mountain Clouds
Soaring Plumes
Soaring Moonlight
Soccer Tone
Vibrant Tone
Song of Dawn
Ode of Frosty Sword
Pav - Event
A Gloomy Start
A Gloomy Start
A Sweet End
Call of Reflection
Passive 1
Passive 2
Passive 3
Full Suit?
pulling on rerun (also missing angel leonid’s echo)

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