Incident Management


What does this doc do
When running services, there are always possibilities for things to go wrong, leading to incidents. This doc is used to keep track of all the incidents.
How to use this doc
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Who could use this doc
Incident commanders: to organize incident reponses
Incident responders: to collaborate on incident investigation and mitigation efforts
Customer relations: to keep track of ongoing incidents and manage communications to external customers
Everyone else: to keep track of ongoing incidents
Why use this doc
This doc can facilitate incident resolution by:
Having a centralized place to track all incidents
Allowing anyone to follow along with ongoing incidents, avoiding repeated escalations of the same incident and inquiries of current incident status
Coordinating incident responses between multiple teams, preventing incident responders from stomping on each other
Keeping a detailed log and timeline, facilitating postmortem creation
Utilizing automations to reduce administrative overhead, leaving valuable time to put out the fire

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