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The Vault (Bankers)

Insurance against theft and destruction
not sure I expect anyone to buy this but it could be used to increase offerings
Stalactite impalement
Cave collapse
Accidental death & dismemberment
“Trial” insurance where a stand in accepts punishment for you

Create a reliable presence at events (monster fights, meatgrindah, etc.)
Might have to get permission from the tusks to book at Meatgrindah and they’ll l likely say no
Alternatively we can run our own events
Who is in charge of hosting pit fights/monster fights?
Gamblers can bet on a “winner” for whatever amount they choose
A bet is placed when the banker receives coin
If their chosen participant wins, they receive back twice the amount they paid in;
→ their pay-in is returned to them and they receive the same amount they bet as a winning
The banker keeps the rest of the bets minus the winners payouts

Start with indigo groocline and move into green hexeoclase (eventually)
If it gets really popular could ask for permission to move into Arcanite
Could start having it simply be based on rolls
Buyers roll for the initial price of the stock then roll again when they wish to sell to determine the price per stock
If this gains traction we could switch to using simulated charts with trends
People could try to steal insider secrets

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